Art print of a zebra herd

Winter Zebras


Limited edition giclée fine art wildlife print of a zebra herd. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art print of a zebra herd

Art print of a zebra herd. Zebras stripes might dazzle and confuse predators and biting insects, or even control the zebra’s temperature. Because each individual’s stripes are unique, they are like our fingerprints.

Zebras are herbivores and graze on grasses.

Wildlife prints of zebra herds often show the zebras looking in different directions because they are looking out for predators. Black and white stripes of zebras.

Sue was privileged to paint several series of Postage Stamps for the South African Post Office.

Having many sources of inspiration helps to keep her creativity fresh.

Preserving the black areas becomes important when the subsequent wet layers are applied. Accomplishing delicate layers of paint for the bellies of zebras using watercolour is a delight. This is because the most minimal amount of paint should be used for the white areas. The sun striking the zebras results in a big difference to the white bodies. They are entirely white at the top where the sun bleaches out all colour, but the bottom of the white bodies can be almost black in the shadow areas. It’s a fine balance.

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