Big 5 Special Edition - Elephant

Big 5 Special Edition – Elephant

70 x 50 cm


Original painting depicting African artifacts and animals from Sue Dickinson’s Big 5 Special Edition series. This is the only remaining artwork from this series.


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Original painting of elephant


Original painting of an elephant bull. Elephant original painting.

Original watercolour painting of elephant by Sue Dickinson.

Male elephants usually leave the herd between the ages of 10 and 19, and will then mate with females to increase the elephant populations within their territories.


Sue Dickinson’s preferred painting medium is watercolour. This much under-rated medium is widely acknowledged by artists to be the most difficult. “There is no room for error with watercolour – because once it’s on the paper, it is almost impossible to remove. Consequently, I work carefully and accurately. I’m not attempting to reproduce reality, therefore I want to work fairly loosely too.


It is important for the viewer to be able to see the mark of the artist, and also the journey I have taken on the page. Certainly I don’t want a slick look.”