Art print of stampeding elephants

Elephants Motoring


Limited edition giclée fine art wildlife print of elephants running towards a waterhole. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art Print of Stampeding Elephants

Art Print of Stampeding Elephants. Stampeding elephants rush towards the viewer in this wildlife art print. Their speed probably indicates that they are either in a rush to reach water, or have been spooked by something.

I find elephants very difficult to paint. This is because their grey colour looks very dull when only grey paint straight out of the tube is used. It’s better to use a mixture of several other colours of paint, achieving a mixed grey in several layers. Layers have to be applied continuously so that they become dark enough.

Elephants stampede when they detect the smell of water. Up to several kilometers away, water can be detected relatively easily. Needing to drink often, elephants rushing towards water is a frequent sight. Watching them frolic in water is a delight.

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