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Fine Art of Print of a Rhino

Fine Art of Print of a Rhino. Ponderous or prehistoric? Both of these belie the incredible speed that a charging rhino can attain.

The easiest way to distinguish a White rhino from Black rhinos is their lip. This is because of their different diet. White rhinos are grazers, eating grass, so their lips are square, much like a lawnmower. Having a beak-like lip, Black rhinos feed mostly from branches, enabling them to grab the leaves with their lip and use it like a hand. Stripping leaves from branches.

Temperamentally, white rhinos can be much more relaxed. Their calves are a delight to see in the wild. Jumping, running around in circles and endlessly curious, they are the real clowns of the bush. My favourite baby animal is the white rhinoceros calf.

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