Fine art print of zebras

Left, Right and Centre


Limited edition giclée print. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Fine Art Print of Zebras

Fine Art of Print Zebras. Incredibly interesting is the difference that the sun can make to the black stripes. At the top of the zebras’ bodies, the stripes appear to be blue. At the bottom of the bodies, they are deep, rich black. There are soft brown stripes in between the black stripes, up to the midbody.

Zebra stripes are different in each individual. Unique in their thickness, pattern and form, so that they are like our fingerprints. Why do zebras even have stripes? Many ideas have been put forward. One of these is heat regulation. Another is offering a deterrent against annoying insect bites. Whatever the reason, zebras are absolutely beautiful to behold.

Although Sue Dickinson has gained her reputation as one of South Africa’s most respected artists, she worked very hard. Over the years, her technique developed with experience. Now her paintings are in collections internationally.

She has perfected the art of painting animals. The zebra is possibly her favourite subject, because of its beautiful stripes. Enjoying painting zebras and other animals too, her style has remained clean and uncluttered.

Giclée is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. Much more affordable than an original painting, giclée prints are an excellent alternative investment.


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