Meerkat art print

Meerkat Family


Limited edition giclée fine art wildlife prints in various sizes, on paper or canvas.



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Meerkat Art Print.

Meerkat art print. Limited edition print of a Meerkat Family. Print of a Meerkat Family viewed from the front. An adorable group of meerkats, constantly looking out for one another. I find it interesting that their snouts look so different in profile, whereas the frontal view makes it look like they’re smiling.


That’s probably one of the reasons why everyone loves them so much! Limited edition giclée wildlife art print of meerkats. Sue Dickinson Sue Dickenson Sue Dickison Sue Dixon Sue Dickerson. Animal art is also known as wildlife art. Animal artist Sue Dickinson. Wildlife artist Sue Dickinson.

They live in large family groups. Scanning all directions, especially the sky, they scurry into their burrows at any sign of danger. Birds of prey often pluck them up from the sky. That’s why you’ll often see meerkats looking up at the sky.

Their burrows are extensive. Providing both protection from the searing heat of the day and the very cold temperatures of the desert at night, they are huge.

Scorpions are a favourite meal. Amazingly, they can withstand a scorpion sting, then munch on them with great delight.

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