Original painting of baboons

Baboons Chilling


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Original painting of Baboons


Original painting of Baboons

The composition of Sue’s paintings is critical. It’s based upon the law of proportion known as the “Golden Mean” which is an aesthetic principle used by the ancient Greeks. This is because Sue’s focus is the animal itself.


Her experience has taught her that “what you leave out is just as important as what you put in”. As a result, her stark, clean images concentrate exclusively on the animal as well as conveying the wide-open spaces of Africa.

Chacma baboons are large, hairy, terrestrial monkeys that have a dog-like head, with a prominent muzzle and a heavy brow above close-set eyes. Males have long, sharp canine teeth and a mane on the neck and shoulders.


Their fur varies in colour from grey to nearly black, with grey-brown being common. They have long limbs and the arms are longer than the legs. The hands and feet have long and dexterous digits.

Chacma baboons spend most of their daylight hours foraging on the ground and in the trees. At night they sleep in trees or on cliffs where they are safe from predators. They walk on all four legs with their tails held in an arch.



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