original painting cheetah

Namibian Cheetah

This is a commissioned watercolour painting of a cheetah that I painted for a client with a passion for Namibian cheetahs.

Also available as limited edition prints.



Original Painting Cheetah

Painting of a Cheetah – Original. The Cheetah’s body is built for speed. It’s legs are relatively long compared to its greyhound-like body; it has a big heart and lungs and wide nasal passages. It is the fastest land animal, timed running at speeds of up to 114km/h.



While the lion and the leopard rely on getting close to their intended prey before breaking cover, the cheetah’s speed gives it an advantage in the more open savanna. Cheetahs are slightly taller than leopards but not as bulky, probably weighing between 40kg and 60kg.


Painting of a cheetah by South African wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Original watercolour wildlife painting that is most notable for its simple and clean style.

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