Limited edition print of a leopard

The Stalker

150 x 100cm


Original watercolour painting on paper of a stalking leopard.

Also available as limited edition prints.


Painting of a leopard.

Original painting of a leopard. Paintings of leopards are the favourite subject of this wildlife artist from South Africa. To do watercolour paintings of animal art means that artists need special training.

Therefore, wildlife paintings can be difficult for animal artists. Leopards are also the most secretive animals. Painted in watercolour using top quality paints and paper rather than cheap materials.

Original watercolour wildlife painting of a leopard by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Titled “The Stalker”. Painted in watercolour by animal artist, Sue Dickinson. Available for sale now!

Recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost Wildlife Animal Watercolour Artists, Sue Dickinson’s work is highly regarded and collected the world over.


The leopard’s hunting technique is to either ambush its prey or to stalk it. In either instance, it tries to get as close as possible to its target. It then makes a brief and explosive charge (up to 60km/h), pouncing on its prey and dispatching it with a bite to the neck. Because leopards do not have the aptitude to chase their quarry over any kind of distance, they will give up if the initial element of surprise is lost and the intended victim gets away. Wildlife paintings of leopards


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