Art print of wild dogs

Wild Dogs on the Prowl

Size 70 x 50cm




Original watercolour painting of wild dogs hunting as a pack.


Also available as limited edition prints.


Original Painting of Wild Dogs

Painting of Wild Dogs. This original wildlife painting of wild dogs shows a pack of wild dogs hunting for their prey. Wild dogs are considered to be the most efficient hunters of all predators. Hunting in well-organised packs, they are therefore much more likely to hunt with success. Wild dogs are often called “painted dogs”. As a result, animal artists often enjoy painting them. Therefore, wildlife art collectors enjoy animal art paintings of wild dogs. Now you can enjoy this Watercolour watercolor aquarelle painting of wild dogs.

Wild dogs have the most structured social order of the carnivores, living in packs led by a dominant male and female. All other members of the pack play a subordinate role to the alpha pair. original-painting-wild-dogs.

Packs may vary in size, ranging from one pair and their young, to as many as 50 individuals. Wild Dogs are intensely social animals, spending almost all of their time in close association with each other. It is one of the most efficient of all predators, and will attack victims of all sizes, from large Elands to small Hares.