painting of a leopard drinking

Leopard Drinking At Dawn

Original watercolour painting of a leopard drinking in the soft light of dawn.


Also available as a limited edition print.



Painting of a leopard drinking

Original watercolour wildlife painting of a leopard drinking by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Titled “Leopard Drinking At Dawn”. Painted in watercolour by animal artist, Sue Dickinson. Available for sale now!

Recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost Wildlife Animal Watercolour Artists, Sue Dickinson’s work is highly regarded and collected the world over.

Leopards are also mainly nocturnal hunters but are extremely opportunistic and will not pass up a hunting opportunity even during the day. They hunt by stalking. Because they rely heavily on their ability to stay hidden for as long as possible to successfully hunt.

Tending to drink in the early hours of the morning because they have just fed.


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