Watercolour original painting of zebra in water



Watercolour original painting of zebra in water


Watercolour original painting of a zebra in water.

A group or herd of zebra is known as a ‘dazzle’. The title of this original watercolour painting of a zebra in water is “Dazzle”. A zebra splashes through a river, sparkling and dazzling.

Sue Dickinson studied B.A. (Fine Arts) at the University of the Witwatersrand and at the University of South Africa in the early 1980’s. After that, she studied Graphic Design at Johannesburg Technikon, and pursued a career in design and advertising, running her own graphic design studio, called Fusion Graphics, for several years. She began painting on a full-time basis in 1993 and concentrated on Wildlife Art in 2000.


Zebras are one of her favourite subjects, delighting in the use of watercolour paint.
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