Wild dog pack art

Wild Dog Pack


Limited edition giclée fine art print. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Wild Dog Pack art

Wild Dog Pack art. Also known as painted dogs, wild dogs hunt in packs. Often chasing down their prey for many kilometres, their stamina outlasts their victims. The work together to bring down prey, from small impala to larger animals like kudu.

Killing methods are somewhat difficult to watch, but they are the most effective hunters because their prey dies very quickly.

Wild dog packs can be made up of as many as 20 or more individuals. Social bonds are important to wild dogs, including an alpha female and alpha male that lead the pack.

Art depicts wildlife prints of wild dogs hunting as a pack. Because of their stamina, wild dogs can outrun many of their chosen prey. Honing in on a victim, it doesn’t take long before an animal is killed. Unique to each individual, their beautiful coats consist of different combinations of black, yellow and white are Wild Dog Pack art

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