Wildlife art print of grazing zebras

Grazing Zebras


Limited edition giclée print of grazing zebras. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Wildlife Art Print of Grazing Zebras

Wildlife art print of grazing zebras. Animal print of a herd of zebras grazing. Available in a choice of paper or canvas. For your preference, they also come in different sizes. These limited edition giclée wildlife prints depict a herd of zebras grazing in the African veld. Crafted from an original painting by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Buy one today. Enhance your living space with quality African art.


South Africa’s most respected artists, she worked very hard. Over the years, her technique developed with experience. Now her paintings are in collections all over the world. From the USA, to Russia, India, UK, Australia, Germany and many more countries.

Always, Sue Dickinson’s many depictions of zebras show a sensitivity of watercolour paint. There is always the contrast between the darkness of the black stripes and the pale bodies. Do zebras have black bodies with white stripes or white bodies with black stripes? Certainly, their bodies are white. The stripes vary from a deep black to a pale brown.

When Sue Dickinson paints zebras, she begins with a very sensitive pencil drawing. Picking up the finest details, such as the veins in the zebras’ bellies and on their faces. After this, Sue Dickinson applies a thin wash made up of Ultramarine Blue to the dark strips. This particular colour doesn’t lift when subsequent layers are applied. Therefore, washes of paint can be applied over the blue paint in a continuous wash, without having to worry about the blue paint becoming diluted.

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