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Sue Dickinson was a South African artist who created paintings and prints depicting African wildlife.  Her original paintings are in art collections around the world and feature on some South African postage stamps.  Sue’s original paintings, wildlife prints and etchings are minimalist and elegant, concentrating exclusively on the animal, using empty white space to convey the open expanses of Africa.



It is with deep and profound sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Sue Dickinson. Sue will be remembered for her generosity, quick wit and kind spirit, intense love of wildlife, music and literature, and certainly for the lasting impression she made in the world of fine art. Sue brought joy and happiness into so many lives as a beloved aunt, sister and friend.    

It was Terry Pratchett who said, “No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away”, and we know that Sue’s legacy will live on through her incredible artwork and the cherished memories that stay with so many. Her heart always belonged to wild, open spaces and we like to think that’s where her spirit now resides – drifting over grassy savannah bathed in a fiery African sunset. May she always rest in peace.

Sue Dickinson South African Wildlife Artist