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Please note that copyright is NOT transferred if you buy an original artwork. The copyright is always retained by the artist. Reproduction of an original artwork is not permitted.

No image may be reproduced in any way whatsoever without the express written permission of the artist. Copyright and Licensing enquiries – please use the CONTACT FORM.

All artwork on this site remains the copyright of Sue Dickinson and her immediate family, and is protected by South African Copyright Law.

Privacy Policy

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  • How long does it take you to dispatch an original painting?
  • How long does it take you to dispatch Limited Edition Prints?
  • How long does shipping take?
  • What does shipping cost?
  • What is the cost of shipping for more than one item?
  • How do you package paintings and/or prints?
  • How do you ship paintings larger than standard size?
  • Is there a handling fee?
  • Will I have to pay taxes or duties?
  • Which countries can you ship to?


How long does it take you to dispatch an original painting?

Original paintings are shipped within 24 hours if they are in stock. Please note that some original paintings are on exhibit in galleries, but are still available for sale. In this event, Sue will contact you with a more exact time frame for dispatch. It is advisable to contact Sue before purchasing an original painting, to check availability.


How long does it take you to dispatch Limited Edition Prints?

If the prints are in stock, they will ship within 24 hours. However, if the prints are not in stock – which is often the case – they are ordered from Sue’s printer within 24 hours. After that, it normally takes about 4 additional working days for Sue’s printer to print the order and ship it back to Sue for signing, numbering and dispatch. Please bear this in mind when ordering. With shipping dispatch time included, you can expect your print from within 14 working days (in stock), and up to 25 working days (special order).

How long does shipping take?

We use trusted courier services as the South African Post Office has become slow and very unreliable. Shipping takes between 4 to 5 working days, depending upon your location. Please contact Stuart Dickinson at studickinson@gmail.com if you would like specific shipping times.


What does shipping cost?

Courier costs from South Africa are expensive. Please allow for this when ordering. The average cost of shipping from South Africa to the USA is about ZAR2,000 (approximately $125.00); to Europe, about ZAR1,700 (approximately £85.00 ). The good news is that this shipping rate applies to orders of up to 6 prints. See details below. This is because packages are shipped on their volumetric size, not their weight.


What is the cost of shipping for more than one item?

If you order any limited edition print or standard size painting, you can add further prints/paintings with no additional shipping cost. FREE! You pay for shipping only one print/painting, up to a maximum of 6 items. For orders exceeding 6 items, please contact us at studickinson@gmail.com for a shipping quotation.


How do you package paintings and/or prints?

Paintings and prints are packaged in the same way. They are packed flat (not rolled), between 2 thick pieces of polystyrene. In this way they are protected against damage.


How do you ship paintings larger than standard size?

Paintings larger than 72 x 54cm (standard size) are shipped in a special way, depending upon their exact size. Please contact us for a specific quote for your location.

Is there a handling fee?

Handling and packaging are factored into the price of shipping.


Will I have to pay taxes or duties?

This varies from country to country and also depends upon the value of your order. Please contact your country’s Customs and Excise Department for further information.


Which countries can you ship to?

All countries worldwide. Unless there’s a civil war going on.

Electronic Reproduction

Electronic reproduction on this site is done with the best technology available. However, there is a reduction in the quality of images. The scans used on this site have been compressed as much as possible so that their download time is fast, while remaining as close as possible to the original artwork.

However, if you are in any way dissatisfied with your original painting, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your 14-day return guarantee means that you can return paintings if they do not meet with your expectations.

Paintings must be securely packaged and returned in their original condition and will then be subject to a full purchase price refund.

Returns Policy

It is sometimes difficult to choose a painting or print on the internet. If you order a painting/print and it does not meet with your expectations, you may return it within 14 days. If you would like to return a painting, please notify Sue first via the CONTACT PAGE.

IMPORTANT: Please notify Sue BEFORE returning an order.
Please place the original documentation in the package and re-wrap securely. Return postage must be prepaid and insured – C.O.D. returns cannot be accepted.


Send the painting/print to:
SUE DICKINSON, P O Box 8151, SONPARK, 1206, Mpumalanga Province,
South Africa

For your protection, please use Insured Parcel Post for return shipment. Shipping costs can only be compensated if the return is a result of our error.


We do everything we can to ship your order safely and securely, and we’re proud to report that an order has never gone missing or been returned.


All parcels are fully insured against loss/damage. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with an original painting or a limited edition print purchased on this site, you can return it, in its original condition, within 14 days, for a full refund, excluding shipping costs.

Each individual painting is specified ‘ORIGINAL’ where applicable, whereas prints are specified ‘LIMITED EDITION PRINT’. A limited edition print will never be falsely desiginated as an original.

If required, a Certificate of Authenticity can be provided to buyers. Please specify this when ordering.


Please contact Sue Dickinson via the CONTACT PAGE for any queries.