Art print of a leopard stalking prey



Limited edition giclée fine art wildlife print of an elegant leopard concentrating on its prey. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art Print of a Leopard Stalking Prey

Art Print of a Leopard Stalking Prey. Print of a leopard concentrating on his prey. The leopard is probably the most efficient hunter. Efficiently hunting, almost with successful hunts. Available on paper or canvas. Consequently, you can choose the version that suits you best. Furthermore, the wildlife art prints are hand printed to order. Because of this, you’re assured of the finest quality wildlife art print of a leopard.

Deriving from an original watercolour wildlife painting of a leopard by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Paint in watercolour by animal artist, Sue Dickinson. Available for sale now!

Leopards in art

South Africa’s foremost Wildlife Animal Watercolour Artists, because Sue Dickinson’s work is highly regarded and collected the world over.

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Not only because of their breath-taking beauty, but also because the painting technique is demanding. Precision is required to paint their spots accurately. Drawing has to be light and delicate so that the pencil marks don’t lift when painting.

This is especially true when painting over light colours. Because pencil marks can be rubbed out after the painting is completed, this is often not a problem, but pencil cannot be removed when it’s under yellow colours. Seeing that leopards have a lot of yellow colours, this can be a problem.

After this, Sue paints the body of the leopard in layers and layers of paint. This includes paint that describes both the colour and form of the leopard. Once this is done, the black spots can be painted.

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