Art print of a lion and tortoise



Limited edition fine art giclée print. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art Print of a Lion and Tortoise


Art Print of a Lion and Tortoise. Limited edition wildlife art print. Lions prey mainly on large animals such as Zebra, Wildebeest, Buffalo, Gemsbok, and even Giraffe. Smaller prey like Impala, Steenbok and even Porcupine are taken when the opportunity arises. The task of hunting is often left to lionesses, who hunt as a team.

She has perfected the art of painting animals. The leopard is possibly her favourite subject, because of its rarity and beauty. Enjoying painting zebras and other animals too, her style has remained clean and uncluttered.

Sue studied B.A. (Fine Arts) at the University of the Witwatersrand and at the University of South Africa in the early 1980’s. After that, she studied Graphic Design at Johannesburg Technikon, and pursued a career in design and advertising, running her own graphic design studio, called Fusion Graphics, for several years. She began painting on a full-time basis in 1993 and concentrated on Wildlife Art in 2000.

Here, a young lion is contemplating a tortoise. What to do? The tortoise has remained tucked inside its shell. So, although the lion cub knows that there could be a potential meal, it has no way to reach it. It can smell the tortoise, but the only way to eat it would be to crack the shell. Because tortoise shells are so incredibly hard, this would seem an impossible task.

Tortoises only vulnerable area is the underside, so the cub’s jaw is too small to cope. My Staffie used to love picking up tortoises and carrying them around. He even tried to bury them. But, no matter how hard he tried, his massive, strong jaws could do no harm.

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