fine art print dazzle zebras

Dazzle (stretched canvas)

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Size: 56 x 40 cm


Limited edition, hand-signed giclée fine art print of a herd of zebras, also known collectively as a “dazzle”.


Stretched canvas on board, ready to hang on your wall.

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Wildlife Art Print of Zebra – Dazzle, by Sue Dickinson

Limited edition fine art giclee print of a zebra catching the sun as it runs through a shallow river. Available on paper or canvas.

Sometimes the sunlight becomes the most important part of a painting. This is just a fleeting moment in time. Water and light – what a watercolour painting is all about.


Sue’s preferred painting medium was watercolour. This highly under-rated medium is widely acknowledged by artists to be the most difficult. “There is no room for error with watercolour – because once it’s on the paper, it is almost impossible to remove. Consequently, I work carefully and accurately. I’m not attempting to reproduce reality, therefore I want to work fairly loosely too,” she said.


“It is important for the viewer to be able to see the mark of the artist, and also the journey I have taken on the page. Certainly I don’t want a slick look.”

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