Introducing Wildlife Art Etchings by Sue Dickinson…


Briefly, Sue Dickinson’s Etchings are created using a very old, traditional, time-consuming, and demanding technique to produce hand made prints from an original image that has been drawn onto a prepared copper plate.  The plate is then immersed in an acid bath, which eats away -or etches- the lines into the plate.


An etching is different from any other art form in the way it’s created and printed. Every etching is unique, with many variables that can occur, such as line depth and ink quantity. There’s a different depth in the line, and, when it’s printed, a three-dimensional effect is created in the paper.  Each handmade print is called an “original print”.


These etchings are a labour of love for Sue, so we hope you enjoy the journey into Wildlife Art Etchings by Sue Dickinson.