Art print of leopard cubs playing



Limited edition giclée fine art print. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art print of leopard cubs playing

Art print of leopard cubs playing. Leopards are Sue Dickinson’s favourite painting subjects.

Playing on the branch of a tree, these young leopard cubs are also learning the skills they’ll need to survive in the bush. Their hunting instincts need to be developed before they reach adulthood, so playing is a good way of learning hunting techniques.

This includes paint that describes both the colour and form of the leopard. Once this is done, the black spots can be painted. However, the spots may appear black, but they are often shades of black. Not grey, but shades of blue and dark brown. Often the rest of the body then can be seen to be too light, so Sue Dickinson carefully paints and body darker. This means painting without touching the black, because the black will bleed into the surrounding paint. An effect that is definitely not required!

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