Art print of a zebra group

Zebras – Spring


Limited edition giclée fine art print. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art Print of a Zebra Group

Art Print of a Zebra Group

Why do zebras even have stripes? Many ideas have been put forward. One of these is heat regulation. Another is offering a deterrent against annoying insect bites. Whatever the reason, zebras are absolutely beautiful to behold.

Their similarity to horses has led to them being called “painted horses”. Soft brown eyes with long lashes are part of their beauty. But beware the zebra fight.

Painting zebras is a joy for Sue Dickinson. Although this is a zebra group, it refers to a small group. Typically, zebras can group together to form a herd. A herd is the correct term for a larger group.

Sue Dickinson loves to paint zebras because they are a challenge. Getting the balance between black and white is not as simple as it might look. Perhaps the hardest part is also portraying the effects of the sun on the zebras. It looks easy, but it’s not.

Zebra foals are born in the Spring. Timed to perfection, the births are coordinated to coincide with the first rains. Foals can walk within minutes of their birth, because they can be easy prey for predators, like lions, hyenas, leopards

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