Art Print of a leopard drinking at a waterhole

Leopard Drinking At Dawn


Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art Print of a Leopard Drinking

Art Print of a Leopard Drinking. Wildlife art print of a leopard drinking in the soft light of dawn, because leopards often drink after they have fed. This print is available on canvas or paper. Sue Dickinson paints using lots of white space because this focusses on the animal itself.

From an original watercolour wildlife painting of a leopard by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Painted in watercolour by animal artist, Sue Dickinson. Available for sale now!

Recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost Wildlife Animal Watercolour Artists, Sue Dickinson’s work is highly regarded and collected the world over.

Leopards are emerging to hunt late in the afternoon or at night.

They ambush or stalk prey, pouncing when close enough.

Compared to other wild cats, the leopard is much more secretive and therefore much harder to see. Seeing a leopard in the wild is a massive privilege. In many years of painting leopards, I have only seen them on a limited amount of times. Their stealth is legendary. They are typically shy creatures, preferring to stay out of sight. Because their natural camouflage is so good, sightings are very few and far between. The spots and rosettes look just like the dappled light of foliage and grass, making them almost invisible. I have only seen leopards in the wild 16 times in all the years that I’ve been painting them.

Their spots change in shape, describing the form of the leopard in space. Curving around the body, they create a three-dimensional effect. Sue Dickinson first draws the leopard with great care. Drawing in shapes like puddles, because this guides her when she starts to paint.


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