painting of leopard and tortoise

Curiosity and the Cat

SIZE: 70 x 60 cm


One of Sue’s older watercolours showing a leopard curiously acquainting itself with a shy leopard tortoise.


Please note: the background of this painting is white, in the same style as Sue’s other works. The colouration in this image is due to the fact that it’s a photograph, as there is no digital image of the artwork.


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Painting of a leopard with a porcupine

Original watercolour wildlife painting of a leopard with a tortoise by wildlife artist, Sue Dickinson. Titled “Curiosity and the Cat”. Painted in watercolour by animal artist, Sue Dickinson. Available for sale now!

Leopards feed on a variety of animals. Tortoises are hard prey to get to because of their hard shells. It looks like the leopard is more curious than hungry, however.

Recognised as one of South Africa’s foremost Wildlife Animal Watercolour Artists, Sue Dickinson’s work is highly regarded and collected the world over.

In 2002 Sue moved to the Lowveld, where she is only 60 km from the Kruger National Park. Her reputation as an award-winning artist keeps growing and growing.