Art print of a hyena

Hyaena Spotting


Limited edition giclée fine art wildlife print of a lone hyena. Available in various sizes on paper or canvas, and comes with certificate of authenticity.


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Art print of a hyena

Art print of a hyena. Limited edition print of Hyaena Hyena. One of the characteristic predators of the African savannah the Spotted Hyena was long thought to be solely a scavenger, but it is now known that it is one of the most successful hunters.

This Spotted Hyaena is the alpha female of the clan. Here she’s scenting the wind and using her big ears to hear any distant sound. Hyaenas are one of my favourite creatures. Unlike the popular perception that they’re ugly, I find them incredibly beautiful.

Hyenas are one of my favourite animals.

But, because of their sloping features and ungainly walk, together with its eerie call have earned the Spotted Hyena a bad reputation.

She has perfected the art of painting animals. The leopard is possibly her favourite subject, because of its rarity and beauty. Enjoying painting zebras and other animals too, her style has remained clean and uncluttered.

Sometimes people spell Sue Dickinson’s name incorrectly. Common examples are Sue Dickenson, Sue Dixon, Sue Dickson.

Limited edition wildlife art print.

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